Steampunk Belly Dancer

                  Posted by: manny

Steampunk Belly Dancer

Here’s another great pic from Dragon Con – a steampunk belly dancer! She looks so great.

I tried to find some Dragon Con steampunk bellydancing on Youtube, but nothing turned up. I did, however, find this awesome video of steampunk belly dances from a Ren Faire last spring. Very cool!

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  • echobunny

    That lovely belly dancer is a delightful, creative lass. She does all kinds of neat things including jewelry crafting. And no, it’s totally not me. If you google Magpie Creations, she’s there. :D

  • http://sarcasm-hime.net Maral

    You can see me dancing in this costume here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sydlYE6qH4

  • manny

    Very lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  • Isolde

    I’m new to the steampunk genre of belly dance….can anyone point me in the direction of good resources for costuming, videos, music etc. ? Thanks!

  • Emily Jayne

    Very awesome costume!

  • James

    @Isolde Try these guys http://youtu.be/bE30zCyBhoo

  • Sarah

    Etsy is a good place for costume pieces, especially groups like Velvet Mechanism. Clockwork Couture is an excellent steampunk clothier. As for music the first steampunk band that comes to mind is Abney Park

  • Fuegolalibr

    i totally had the thought of steampunk bellydancing and i found it

  • http://www.belediboutique.com/ Lacy

    My neo-Victorian belly dance piece :)

  • Alimah1223

    As a belly dancer and someone into Steampunk, there is no “steampunk” belly dance- most who call themselves “Steampunk” belly dancers engage in the American tribal aspects of dance- not the raks shaqri of Egyptian or Turkish dance.