Steampunk iPhone Case for Sale

                  Posted by: manny


Wow, this steampunk iPhone case looks seriously awesome. It’s currenlty for sale on Ebay with a starting bid of $195.00.

That’s pricey, but probably worth it. The case is handmade made of real wood and brass. Here are a few notes from the seller:

The body is made from one solid piece of Walnut Hardwood sanded, and finished with polyurethane. The faceplate is cut from .065 thick solid brass sanded and polished. The power button, volume buttons and Mute-Tool are hand made from solid brass as well.I hand make ,sand, finish ,polish and test each case myself one at a time. No two are exactly alike and are very unique.The winner of the auction will receive one hand made iPhone 3G case consisting of ; 1 Walnut Hardwood body, 1 solid brass faceplate, 1 solid brass power button, 2 solid brass volume buttons. 1 solid brass Mute-Tool, 4 screws and instructions.



[via Ebay]

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  • Garrett De Witt

    is this guy making any more of these cases? i would like to buy one.

  • DizyDesi

    Whose the designer behind this? Any link to the website/ebay store?

  • manny

    Dizy, I posted a link to Ebay twice in the post above, but it’s not listed anymore, sorry.

  • the tic

    hey, would you still be making these, manny? would you consider making another for me?

  • http://jackalriot.tumblr.com Trine

    I think it’s very possible that the creator of this beauty is the same behind this: http://ow.ly/2vfCH You could register at the site and contact him by PM here: http://ow.ly/2vfIu

  • manny

    The Tic, sorry, but I didn’t make it. Looks like Trine is on the right track, though. Good luck!