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Calgary Steampunks: A Short Story

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Here’s a fun short story put together by the Calgary Steampunks. They got together at Heritage Park for International Steampunk Day 2009 and made a fake news reel.

“Building yesterday’s tomorrow… today.” LOL!

Really fun, great work!


How to Make a Steampunk Segway (Legway)

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Wouldn’t you like to take a ride on this steampunk Segway? Heh, this is really cool!

This steampunk “Legway” was made by bdring, who posted a nice tutorial on

A self balancing, human powered, steampunk styled, Segway. All you need is a brave self balancing human. This is the ultimate green vehicle for all you eco conscious steampunkers. Is that an oxymoron? I made this out of mostly found materials. This was my first steampunk styled build.

This is very, very classy. Well done!


The League of Steam and Zombie Tea

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Here’s a funny video brought to you by the League of Steam. There’s just something special about Zombie’s tea, lol.

This is a wonderfully entertaining steampunk webseries that everyone should check out. I love their costumes, and the production quality of their videos is superb.

These guys are pure genious!

[via League of Steam]

The popular steampunk web show, Riese: The Series has taken an interesting turn. Episodes have been pulled down off the Web, which is sad news, indeed.

The good news, however, is that a distribution company has agreed to finance the show!
Here’s the scoop from the Riese website:

As the new year rolls around, we’ve had a lot of developments with the show that we’ve been itching to tell you about. First of all, as you’ve already seen, Chapter 2′s episodes are new and improved, with higher production values, exciting story and some really amazing cast additions. Also, we’re nearly finished with the development of our iPhone game tie-in. Without giving too many details away, I think you’ll all be really excited.

We also recently partnered with Fireworks, a digital distribution branch of ContentFilm, based out of the UK. They’re largely responsible for the transition of the webseries Valemont from internet to television, and they handle a number of many other well-known webseries as well.

What does this mean for Riese? It opens up a number of opportunities. For one, it increases the chances that we can keep making this show and letting you become further involved in the world of Riese. Additionally, it boosts the possibility of us being able to distribute the series on other platforms (episode downloads, DVDs, and television).

Now, for the bad news. While Fireworks is negotiating deals on our behalf, we’ve had to remove our episodes from online streaming. We’re not happy about it by any means, we want all of our fans to enjoy Riese whenever they want, but we also understand that it’s a necessary move in order to keep a project like Riese afloat. The few of us that are responsible for producing Riese on a day-to-day basis are realistic that we cannot sustain it without the support of Fireworks and our viewers.

We hope to have everything back up as soon as possible, and we’ll keep everyone posted as we move forward. I know a lot of people will be bummed out, but just know that this slight delay could mean a whole new future for Riese. We don’t want to disappoint you all, but I know you’d be even more disappointed if we left the rest of this epic tale untold.

I’m glad they found financing, and I don’t mind waiting until all the legal fineprint is hammered out.


Steampunk Gun that Really Works

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This steampunk rifle not only looks gorgeous, but it actually works! Although, instead of firing real ammo, the creator of this gun uses ping pong balls, rubber bouncy balls and confetti.

It’s for sale on Ebay and the current bid is $250.00.

Fashioned from copper, brass, antique pine and assorted lamp parts. This air cannon can be loaded with four ping pong balls in its magazine that can be shot at high speed (the barrel is designed to hold the balls in place even with movement) or alternatively be loaded with confetti in the barrel. This stunning piece runs off two nine volt batteries and air pressure. The stock and stand are hand made from yellow pine that is over 100 years old.

Here’s a video of the steampunk gun in action. I love it, great work!

[Macabre151 via BoingBoing]


Super Cool Mechanical Steampunk Hand!

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Wow, check out this really cool mechanical steampunk hand! It’s a work in progress for Kaynejack’s steampunk costume. This hand will be attached to a mechanical arm when completed.

Using wires that will connect to rings on his fingers, the hand can open and close fairly realisticly. This is pure genious! I can’t wait to see his costume. Let’s hope he posts another video when the costume is finished!


Steampunk Guitars!

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Check out these incredible steampunk guitars! Wow, they are sooo beautiful, I really want one!

Steampunk enthusiasts to do more than listen to, sing along, or dance to their music. Brass, gold, knobs, and clockwork gears are blended into a functioning fashion of fantasy where past and future mix…




[via WebUrbanist]