Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Costume

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Check out this awesome steampunk Alice in Wonderland cosplay shoot from AmberUnmasked. Isn’t this beautiful?

Amber is an Internet celebrity, she writes for many publications, reviews comics and graces cons with all of her awesome costumes. I know she is big in the supehero world, but I didn’t know she also dabbled in steampunk. Very cool!

This is my original Alice in Wonderland dress which my mother made for me when I was in college. I punked it up a little bit with tons of my grandmother’s jewelry, a great little leather purse which was a gift from a customer, and my reliable old Timberland boots.

This photoshoot was organized by the steampunkfashions community on Live Journal and was shot at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in 2009.





[via AmberUnmasked]

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  • http://amberunmasked.com Amber

    Holy Cow! Thank you so very much for the kind words. I’m absolutely tickled that you’d feature little ol’ me on your site! I must go pimp you now. :)

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  • mandee

    man if only they took a better picture of cheshire i want to see his mask >.<

  • http://amberunmasked.com Amber Love

    I’ve created a third Alice costume and this new one is my favorite. All three have galleries on my site now: http://www.amberunmasked.com/media-photos-videos/alice-in-wonderland/

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