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Steampunk Cat Helmet

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Behold, the mighty steampunk cat!

This cool helmet was made by Diarment and posted on DeviantArt. Great job!


Steampunk Captain America Action Figure

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Jin-Saotome did a fabulous job making this steampunk Captain America action figure. The wing tips are tiny gears, that’s a great touch. I love the shield with hidden machinery, too.

Great job!

Here’s Captain America Steampunked with gears and cogs for you. His base body was Air Strike Wolverine with Loki legs, Lex Luthor right hand, Medieval spawn left hand, X3 Juggernaut feet, and a DC Direct Dr Midnight head. His shield is pretty much scratchbuilt using a circular base, fitting all the gears/cogs on to the face, and building a styrene frame around that. Different modifications attach underneath it to give the illusion all sorts of machinery is folded up inside waiting to pop out! You didn’t think those gears were just ornamental did you? I even used tiny gears for his helmet wingtips.

[via Jin-Saotome]


Steampunk Sarah Palin Comic Book?

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Wow, check out steampunk Sarah Palin! She now stars in her own comic book.

The story is set in a future without oil. Sarah Palin suggests switching to steam power, when there is an explosion.

Six months later Sarah Palin wakes up to find that she now has body more than half made of robot parts. Powered by steam.

Looks like Obama gets caught in the explosion too, because he becomes Robama. LOL, this story is way too crazy!

[via ComicsAlliance]


Steampunk Music Video: Future

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Alex the Kid, a steampunk band from New Zealand, just released this cool steampunk music video for their song, Future.

They define their music as Electro/Indie/Pop, and while I’m certainly not a musical know it all, I wouldn’t automatically describe this music as steampunk or Victorian in any way. But it’s cool to see them having fun with steampunk in this video. Great job, Guys!

If you like this song, be sure to check out their MySpace page:


Awesome Steampunk Batman

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Here’s a very cool Steampunk Batman costume, made a very clever costumer named Jordan Monsell.

This costume is inspired by the DC one-shot Gotham by Gaslight, in which Batman goes head to head with Jack the Ripper.

Well done, sir!

[via GreatWhiteSnark]


Kostoom Arts, a Steampunk Store

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Looking for some custom steampunk gear? Check out Kostoom Arts, a custom steampunk shop owned by a gentleman known as Killbuck.

Really cool stuff! Hit him up if you want some unique clothing or equipment… Killbuck does commission work, too!

[Kostoom Arts]


Steampunk Lightsabers

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I spotted this awesome steampunk lightsaber on YouTube. Wow, this is very cool.

My Steampunk Lightsaber. Not the cleanest and best but it’s alright. Made from plumbing parts, lego parts, and some odds and ends I had lying about.

Here’s a few more to enjoy. So awesome!


Amazing Steampunk Ship is Full of Tricks

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A very crafter steampunk engineer named Ed was nice enough to send me an email regarding this incredible ship he’s building.

Called “Barnum’s Dream,” Ed got the idea (and permission) from this artistic design by Michael Sormann

I’m so amazed at all the bells and whistles on this thing!

The laser is encased in bell shaped piece from a lamp part I covered with lambskin, stretched and stitched to its form. The wiring is hidden in the various “steam” tubes that run around the device. Batteries are held in the canister on the platform, but will be used only as backup in the final structure, as all of it will be powered by a real “live steam” engine that will run a small generator. This engine will eventually drive all the mechanisms on the ship, including the Gatling gun, which will turn through a chain drive connected to a series of pulleys and then to the flywheel of the steam engine. The laser is powerful enough to project an image through the glass tubes for a few hundred feet. At 20 feet, a bright image on a wall will be about three feet in diameter and is visually quite strange and interesting. The glass tubes glow a bright green when it is firing. It can rotate a full 360 degrees.

Head on over to Ed’s Blog to read all about how he built this ship, and what it can do.