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Steampunk Batman from Baltimore

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I’ve posted several versions of Steampunk Batman in the past, and here is yet another splendid take on the concept.

Don’t you love the mustache? This steamy caped crusader was spotted at the recent Baltimore Comic-Con. Great outfit… my only criticism would be a bigger, steamier utility belt, perhaps. Just a minor nitpick, it’s hard to tell as his hands are in the way.

Excellent job, Sir!

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Steampunk Darth Vapour

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Check out Darth Vapour, the Dark Lord of Steam!

This awesome helmet is currently on display at the The Greatest Steampunk Exhibition in West London. I love the description in the photo:

The Dark Lord strives to seduce the powerful to the “Steamy Side”.

The Steam is strong with this one!

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Awesome Steampunk Insects

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Artist Mike Libby makes these fascinating steampunk insects out of old watch parts. Really gorgeous work!

These critters are for sale, but not through a typical online shopping cart. Interested buyers need to email Mike directly at I’m curious what these go for, I think I’d like one for my desk!

Borrowing from science fiction and fact, Insect Lab customizes real insect specimens with antique watch parts and other technological components. From ladybugs to grasshoppers, each is individually hand adorned, and original- a unique celebration of the contradictions between nature and technology.

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Gorgeous Steampunk Loft for Sale in Manhattan

   Posted by: manny    in DIY, Gadgets, Ideas highlights an incredible steampunk loft for sale in Manhattan. Wow this is amazing! The asking price is a mere $1,750,000.

The entire loft is steampunkified, from the submarine front door (with working porthole) to the floating, color-changing zeppelin — this needs to be seen to be believed!

Have you ever wanted to live inside the retro-futuristic world of a Jules Verne novel? Do you prefer submarine portholes to skyline views? Then say hello to your dream home.

Head on over to to view full gallery and complete write-up. So amazing!



Steampunk My Little Pony T-Shirt

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The perfect steampunk shirt for My Little Pony fans! Funny idea. But where is Pinky and Rarity? Even without them, though, this shirt is still very cool. It’s for sale for $25.00 on

Steampunk My Little Pony? You know you want it! It’s a slice of equestria Victoriana, complete with jetpacks!



Steampunk Disney Princesses

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This is great… steampunk Disney princesses at the recent Otakon 2011.

Absolutely gorgeous! It reminds me of a related post from last year, Steampunk Disney Princesses Artwork.

Great job, ladies!

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Steampunk Samus Aran Arm Cannon

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Here’s a very cool steampunk arm cannon, based on the Sams Aran character from the popular Metroid game. Amazing!

This was made by DeviantArtist Skinz-N-Hydes. He does a lot of great work with brass and leather, so be sure to check out his work!

[via Geekologie]


Steampunk Kung Fu Detective Story!

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A steampunk kung fu mystery? This movie sounds too good to be true.

Admittedly, I don’t see steampunk in the above trailer, just some great martial arts and humor. But this film has been heavily promoted as being steampunk, dubbed “Crouching Tiger meets Sherlock Holmes… only a lot more fun.”

Sounds great to me! You can learn more by visiting the official movie website.



Steampunk Joker

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Here’s an awesome steampunk Joker costume! This Victorian villain was recently spotted at Otakan in Baltimore. Very classy and well done!

“Why so serious?” “May I inquire as to why your mood is so austere?”

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