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Happy Halloween!

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I hope everyone enjoys a gear-filled steampunk Halloween party this weekend.

If you’re lucky, maybe you received one of these Steampunk Halloween party invitations. MeredithDCarey sells these on Etsy for $16.99.

Are you having a Steampunk themed Halloween party this year? Look no further. These great Steampunk party invitations are just the thing you need to get people in the spirit. This pack of 12 invitations are 2-sided. The front side has a teal gray background full of gears embossed in black. The overlay is embellished with metal brads and has the phrase “Happy Halloween” bleeding down the front, along with two bats to emphasize the season.

A fun idea, and perfect for the season. Happy Halloween!


Steampunk Pumpkins Tutorial

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Looking for a steampunk Halloween goodness? Check out these steampunk pumpkins made by Deviant Artist Yamiguru. He takes a standard plastic pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket and gives them the special steampunk treatment. Very cool!

He posted a full tutorial on, so you can make your own!

Here is an affordable way to turn your Halloween Trick-or-Treat plastic pumpkin bucket into a Steampunk Pumpkin. All you need is a few things lying around your own home and a bit of imagination. You don’t have to use the same things I used, you are more than welcome to experiment. Hopefully this tutorial will inspire you to create your very own design.

1. Spray paint the outside of the plastic pumpkin bucket with the flat black spray paint. Let the paint completely dry. Important: Please use spray paint in a well ventilated area (outside is best). Tip: If you don’t like paint on your hands, I recommend wearing rubber gloves or Goo Gone. Goo Gone is how I get stubborn paint off my hands. Read the Full Tuturial

[via Yamiguru & Instructables]


Steampunk Darth Vader Helmet

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Multi-talented artist/media pro B. Campbell just finished his Steampunk Darth Vader helmet. Very cool! It has a copper base and appears corroded, like an old artifact found drifting in the ocean.

I began by preparing the glossy black plastic for painting by lightly scuffing the surface with sand paper and steel wool. Then, I sculpted the individual “copper plates” using using a Dremel tool. Pilot holes were drilled to accept the rivets, which are actually furniture tacks.

After I applied a base coat of copper, I selectively sprayed flat black and wiped away the high spots. I cut out the molded plastic mesh and replaced it with aluminum mesh. The eye lenses were removed and replaced with copper wire cages inspired by those found on the portals of antique diving helmets. Finally, I brushed on light green acrylic paint to provide the corrosion detail.

Visit B. Campbell Studio to view more pictures. Great job, Sir!


Steampunk Military Captain and Engineer Costumes

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DeviantArtist Kairnth models his very cool Steampunk Military Airship Captain uniform, which he put together for an upcoming Convention and Halloween. Very fancy! There’s not a lot of info about whether he made this costume, or commissioned it — but it’s very cool regardless.

Kairnth’s gallery also includes a previous costume from last year: A Steampunk Engineer. Ooh, I like that one, too.

He gets bonus points for including his dog in the photo. Very well done, Sir!

Update: Kairnth has thoughtfully sent me an email, to help answer my questions. Very nice, thank you, Sir!

“I designed, gathered materials and worked on the accessories for both outfits (Like the boot, cane, goggles etc) and then the sewing is done by my production team (sister and mom, lol). Both outfits are mostly made from scratch, though the pants are store bought and then modified.”

[via Kairnth on DeviantArt]


Amazing Steampunk Bird Stiltwalker

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Take a look at this amazing steampunk birdman on stilts! This performance artist was recently spotted walking the streets in Tokyo. What an amazing costume!

The blogger who is reporting this also managed to shoot some video, which I’ve embedded below. Truly remarkable! Follow the links to view more photos and a complete write-up.

I had heard about a strange, steampunkish birdman walking performance art act a few months ago but hadn’t been able to catch a performance until today, in Shinjuku. I was walking up the stairs from the JR Head Office building and basically found myself being charged by this exotic and amazing beast half man, half bird, leather, brass, steam and metal.

[Tokyobling via Super Punch]


Steampunk-Inspired Female Riddler

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Check out this very lovely steampunk Riddler costume! This was made and worn by classy Redditor saladsporkoflove.

And before any steampunk purists chime in to say this isn’t steampunk — she does claim that it’s steampunk-inspired, and her first attempt at steampunk. I think she did remarkably well. Great job!

[via Reddit]


Steampunk Insects Made from Bullets

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UK artist Tom Hardwidge makes original steampunk insects out of old bullets and clockwork pieces. It’s truly remarkable art, I’m so impressed!

You can find purchasing info and pricing on his Contact Page. Pricing ranges from $80-$240.

You can choose from bees, wasps, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, dragonflies, praying mantises, butterflies and tarantulas!

Each Arthrobot starts its life as a series of sketches, some take their inspiration from nature, others from bits and pieces of metal and beads which form an unusual structure or fit together in an interesting way. After they have been planned out (very roughly) they start to take shape in Tom’s dining room where he has all of his tools and materials laid out to prevent any actual dining from taking place.

Arthrobots are NOT toys. They may have sharp, pointy bits and are not suitable for young children. Although some parts (wings and legs) are movable on some sculptures, they are fragile and are only intended for ornamental purposes.

[Arthrobots via 1800recycling]


Steampunk Cats: Photos and Artwork

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Just wanted to have a little fun with Steampunk cats today. Here’s a few fun photos and artwork of steampunk cats. LOL, these are great.

Cats already have plenty of ‘punk’ so adding a little steam is easy!







Updated with Bonus Video!