Lovely Steampunk Fairy Costume

                  Posted by: manny

I came across a photo of this lovely steampunk madam and was quite impressed! Great costume, and she’s decked out in amazing steampunk accessories. You can see from the badge she’s wearing that this was taken at Dragon Con.

Stuart of ittybittyevilkitty.com has a nice post about steampunk accessories on his blog, and says of this gal, “I have no idea who this is, but she sure knows how to accessorise steampunk!” Well said, Stuart, I wholeheartedly agree.

Fortunately, this beautiful and mysterious woman chimes in with a comment, identifying herself as Melinda. And she includes a second photo! “Hi! That photo is me, waiting to enter the parade at Dragon Con 2009. Although it’s hard to see the wings, I was dressed as a steampunk fairy.”

Excellent job on your costume, Melinda (and your friends look great, too). Well done!

[via ittybittyevilkitty]

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