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Awesome Steampunk Goggles

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Check out these awesome steampunk goggles, made by Redditor ergsentry. He took a pair of cheap welding goggles and turned them into this work of beauty.

He even made a fancy velvet display box for them. And the pipe is a nice touch. Very classy work… Well done, Sir!

[via Reddit]


New Steampunk Architect Plans Available

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Some rather impressive poster-size Steampunk Architect plans are now for sale, sold exclusively by Costume Craze. They have teamed up with a local architect who designs custom steampunk trains, airships, and other schematics.

I’ve posted about Designer/Architect Jeremy Gates’ designs in the past. Congrats to Jeremy for teaming up with a big league distributor. Your work is fantastic!

You can check out his designs by Clicking Here. I think they’d look great on an office/bedroom wall or as a movie prop. The paper is hand-brushed with tea to give it a proper old timey look and feel. Poster size is 24″ x 36″. Very cool!

Professor Whipplefinch was exploring the British high seas, when he recovered a chest full of old steampunk schematics from a salvaged pirate ship. Now you can own a piece of futuristic history with these original drawings, not available anywhere else!

We have teamed up with a local architect to provide these unique steampunk plans and schematics. Perfect for steampunk parties, movie props, and decorating your home or office. Each drawing is carefully hand-brushed with tea for an authentically aged look, and folded the same way maps were stored during Victorian times. The perfect gift for any fan of steampunk!

Each plan measures 24 in. x 36 in.

[via Costume Craze]


Girl Posing in Lovely Steampunk Costume

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This is Sync4ex, modeling her stunning steampunk costume. Absolutely gorgeous!

She made this costume with a dress from the Goodwill and a corset purchased from I’m very impressed… well done, Madam!

[via Reddit]


Steampunk Sesame Street

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For the steampunk Muppet in all of us… it’s Steampunk Sesame Street! LOL, this is great. This awesome shirt is listed on, but it appears to be sold out in all sizes. Well, I guess that’s not too surprising.

Here’s some related artwork by evancheng, featuring Steampunk Bert and Steampunk Ernie! Bert is doing the pigeon (not literally), and Ernie is flying high with his yellow rubber ducky. They’re perfect! Great job.

[welovefine & evancheng]