Library Hosts Steampunk’d Exhibit

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Here are some neat photos of a steampunk exhibit hosted by the North Kingstown Free Library in Rhode Island. Well, this is just the steamiest library ever.

Not only will they have this exhibit open through August, but they are showing steampunk movies all summer long. And there’s a Steampunk Festival scheduled for Aug. 23, 2014. “And remember that Steampunk attire is encouraged at all events.”

Sounds so great. Have fun!

[via North Kingstown Free Library]

Here’s an unusual video featuring Steampunk Morris, a steampunk group from the county of Kent, the Garden of England. The band creates their own music and performs village dances in the style and tradition of Border Morris, but with their own unique twist.

The video features their performance at Sonic Rock Solstice 2014, which ran from June 20-22, 2014 in Wales. Wonderful job!

Our dancing style, if not our general style, gives a nod in the direction of the Border Morris tradition, but with the addition of various enhancements and additions from other dance styles thrown in for your delectation, thus creating a uniquely different experience. The reality is we’re attempting to plunge Morris dancing kicking and screaming into the maelstrom of an unwritten alternative future.

On the musical side, we have a veritable profusion of blowers, bowers, squeezers, pluckers, strummers, and bangers who are influenced by rock, folk, classical, Spanish, and any other brouhaha that they think is strappingly good fun. The Ceilidh band ensconced within the side rattle off their self-penned and rather traditional tunes, whereas some other players in the side have some surprisingly spiffing takes on classic rock and even heavy metal tunes with which to ‘Steampunk it up’… oh yes indeed sir!!!

[via craigctp]


On Vacation…

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I’ll be on vacation for a while, my steampunk friends. But I’ll be back soon!

Hope everyone is having a great summer.

[via moodscanner]


Steampunk Prosthetic Leg

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A gentleman by the name of ProstheticMedic has shared a photo of his prosthetic leg. He gave it a fancy steampunk makeover, and it’s a real work of art. It’s a fun way to educate others about prosthetics, and certainly makes him more approachable. Very creative!

[via ProstheticMedic]


Steampunk Elsa ‘Frozen’ Cosplay

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Talented cosplayer Lindsay Elyse created this steampunk costume, inspired by the character Elsa from Frozen. Great use of leather, it goes surprisingly well with her gown. Lovely job, well done!

[via Lindsay Elyse. Photos by JwaiDesign Photography.]


Stunning Steampunk Outfit from LosCon

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This stunning steampunk was spotted last fall at LosCon in Los Angeles. Photographer ebenbrooks captured her pose, but alas, did not catch her name.

I keep staring at the rivets in her face. What a fantastic outfit!

[via ebenbrooks]


Steampunk Han Solo and Chewbacca

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Here’s a look at amazing steampunk Han Solo and Chewbacca costumes. Perfect job, you guys look top notch.

The costumes are created by the steampunk wizards of Harrison Development, who specialize “in energy manipulation, storage, and extraction for your Aristocratic needs.”

So much detail went into these costumes. Han’s blaster alone was 100 hours of work. Truly mind blowing.

[Harrison Development via Reddit]

Check out this amazing steampunk Batman costume. How about those wings! What a great costume.

Nerd Caliber was on the scene at the recent Anime Boston 2014 when they came upon this guy. So cool. Make sure to watch until the end, when Batman activates his wings.

[via Nerd Caliber]


Handmade Steampunk Muppet

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Here’s a neat handmade steampunk muppet. Love those glasses! This was quietly submitted without comment to Reddit by makeitpinkmakeitblue. Looks like a fun project, thanks for sharing.

[via makeitpinkmakeitblue]


Steampunk Captain America Cosplay

   Posted by: manny

Who’s going to see Winter Soldier this weekend? To celebrate its release, here’s a fun steampunk-style Captain America costume. This is made and modeled by Deviant Artist marigold-blue. She wore this to London’s MCM Expo and teamed up with the Avengers.

Great job! Hope everyone has fun at the movies. :)

[via marigold-blue]

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