Handmade Steampunk Muppet

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Here’s a neat handmade steampunk muppet. Love those glasses! This was quietly submitted without comment to Reddit by makeitpinkmakeitblue. Looks like a fun project, thanks for sharing.

[via makeitpinkmakeitblue]


Steampunk Captain America Cosplay

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Who’s going to see Winter Soldier this weekend? To celebrate its release, here’s a fun steampunk-style Captain America costume. This is made and modeled by Deviant Artist marigold-blue. She wore this to London’s MCM Expo and teamed up with the Avengers.

Great job! Hope everyone has fun at the movies. :)

[via marigold-blue]


Beautiful Steampunk Snow White Costume

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This stunning steampunk Snow White costume is made and modeled by cosplayer Enjoithis. She looks so fantastic! Her costume is actually based on this amazing artwork by NoFlutter.

Such talent! Great job.

The whole costume, excluding gloves because of my lazyness, is made by me. The costume contains: Shoe covers, stockings, bloomers, hoop skirt, petticoat, dress, corset, goggles, miniature hat, breathing apparatus (back) and mask. All of them of course, handmade.

[Enjoithis via Fashionably Geek. Photo by Nikolisfoto.]


Steampunk Madam with a Big Spider

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Well, here’s a sexy steampunk lady. Leather bra, cleavage, and a giant scary spider! Cool photo, indeed. Ha, I would be pretty nervous having a big tarantula crawling on my body, thought I’m aware they’re actually gentle creatures.

Very nice!

[via Imgur]


Steampunk Rat with a Hat on a Steampunk Hat

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Ha, the title of this post reads like a Dr. Seuss book, and with good reason. There’s a steampunk rat with a hat, sitting on this guy’s hat! Word on the street is that the rat is very much alive. How utterly amazing. Seems risky taking a live rodent to a Con, but I imagine this man knows what he’s doing.

[via Reddit]


Gorgeous Bollywood Steampunk Costume

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Amazing Bollywood steampunk! Wow, I have no words, so beautiful.

I can imagine this movie now– A love story, full of music and dancing. Two lovers who fit perfectly together like gears must save the city using the power of steam, and song…

I would totally watch that. Thanks to Chef for the tip!



Steampunk Group Chased out of Shopping Mall

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Just look at this lovely steampunk group. All dressed up and ready to have some fun at the mall together.

Except… I’m blown away by this story about how the mall guards called the cops and chased them away. What?! ‘Tis true, I’m afraid. The reason? Mall rules against costumes covering the face, against groups larger than 3 gathering, and against photos being taken without the subject’s consent.

This happened on Feb. 9, 2014. LOL, so crazy. First of all, just look at the photo– you can see everyone’s face just fine. And the rule about groups over 3 people? Ha, sure. I guess the mall doesn’t like birthday parties, either. The last rule is equally ridiculous, as the group members obviously wanted their photos taken. I just don’t understand.

Boing Boing has a nice write up about this scandal. You can also read the original article on KPBS.org.

What a stupid, worthless mall!

I have always felt free to shop or dine without stopping to wonder if they would mind what I am wearing. The mall has added that doubt to the back of my mind. It may take a while for that to fade–and that’s a shame.

[KPBS.org via Boing Boing]

If you’re a steampunk who likes to bake, these Geeky Sprinkles may be just what you need. Tara, aka the Geeky Hostess is raising money on Kickstarter to produce a line of sprinkles that include steampunk gears, lightning bolts, even a Doctor Who Tardis!

She’s already reached her original goal of $33,500, so I’d say it’s a safe bet for success. Congratulations on a great idea! Head on over to Kickstarter if you’d like to contribute.

[via Geeky Sprinkles]


Steampunk Virtual Mini-Golf Game

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Ready for some steampunk virtual golf? Coming soon from Surprise Attack Games is Vertiginous Golf, a first person mini golf game, set in an alternate steampunk universe. Travel from a rainy Victorian world up into the sunny skies, where a huge realm of mini golf awaits you! Early access opens in March, 2014, and the current price of the game is only $10 if you buy now.

Vertiginous Golf is a physics based first person exploratory mini golf game set in a steampunk alternative universe. You travel from a Victorian world of eternal rain to a sun-drenched realm high above the clouds known as the Vertiginousphere, where a game of equally challenging and relaxing mini-golf awaits you. Vertiginous Golf elevates mini golf to a more mature level than the typical casual and child-orientated mini golf games currently available.


Here’s a look at the gameplay, followed by an Indie Spotlight Review by Draegast.

[via Vertiginous Golf]


Costumes from the Edwardian Ball 2014

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The amazing Mark Day is at it again, with another great video of a special event. He’s back at the Edwardian Ball in San Francisco! I love watching his videos, so full of great fashion, music and fun. The party moves to Los Angeles this weekend, so if you’re in the area, don’t miss it.

[via Mark Day]

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