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Beautiful Steampunk Snow White Costume

   Posted by: manny

This stunning steampunk Snow White costume is made and modeled by cosplayer Enjoithis. She looks so fantastic! Her costume is actually based on this amazing artwork by NoFlutter.

Such talent! Great job.

The whole costume, excluding gloves because of my lazyness, is made by me. The costume contains: Shoe covers, stockings, bloomers, hoop skirt, petticoat, dress, corset, goggles, miniature hat, breathing apparatus (back) and mask. All of them of course, handmade.

[Enjoithis via Fashionably Geek. Photo by Nikolisfoto.]


Artist Draws Steampunk Furries

   Posted by: manny

Here’s a drawing of Steampunk Furries by artist Kittyhawkman. Very nice! It was a gift for her boyfriend, just in time for a very furry Valentine’s Day. They look like a great couple.

Well done! If you’d like to commission a drawing from Kittyhawkman, you can send her a message via DeviantArt.

[via Kittyhawkman on DeviantArt]

Here’s a neat rendition of a steampunk-inspired Darth Vader. I think this is way cool. It was drawn by Redditor metafaze. Wouldn’t it be fun to see him go against Hulkbuster Iron Man?

Very nicely done, Sir!

[via Reddit]


Steampunk-Inspired Body Painting

   Posted by: manny

Mandy Monday is a artist and body painter. In this video, she paints herself with a really cool steampunk-inspired design. She paints her face, neck and chest to look like metal, with lots of rivets. Very inspiring, great job!

[via Mandy Rita Tardif]


Happy 4th of July!

   Posted by: manny

Happy Independence Day!

To celebrate, here’s a gorgeous rendition of Steampunk Captain America, by artist Ecelsiore. Excellent artwork! I really like the eagle on his shoulder.

Hope everyone has a fantastic 4th and a great weekend!

[via Ecelsiore]


All-in-One Cat Meme Photo Includes Steampunk

   Posted by: manny

This Photoshopped picture is rather amazing. In a touching tribute to Internet cat memes, Redditor kjbird created this work of beauty. Be sure to click on this picture to view in full size.

Behold, the monocle, steampunk, sushi, nyan, cash cat! It’s made up of all these memes below, and combined into greatness. Well done!

[via Reddit]


Steampunk Artwork for Bluegrass Album Cover

   Posted by: manny

Australian Bluegrass band Mustered Courage has a new album coming out, and they hired a steampunk artist to design their cover. Behold, the steampunk banjo player! This was drawn by the talented Halfwombat, and inspired by a famous photo of musical legend Pete Seeger.

The cover turned out great, it’s very eye catching and creative. Great job!

Cruel Alibis is the first single taken from the forthcoming album “Powerlines.” The album will be released on May 10th 2013. Produced by Jimi Maroudas.

Watch the music video for Cruel Alibis below, and you can also download the song from Sound Cloud.


Painting a Steampunk Batman

   Posted by: manny

The talented Mary Doodles can paint anything, very quickly. Watch as she as paints Steampunk Batman! You can watch the entire process as she starts with just a blank sheet of paper. So cool!

The painting was put on sale and eventually sold on Ebay for $305. Not bad at all! If you’re interested in seeing her other work, you can buy prints and t-shirt at her Rodeo Arcade store.


Steampunk Turkey Soldier

   Posted by: manny

Behold, the steampunk turkey soldier! What a beautiful work of art. This was made by PSMandrake for an advanced Photoshop contest at Freaking News.

I hope nobody cooks this turkey on Thursday. Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

[via Freaking News]

Artist Denis Medri has drawn an incredible steampunk Spider-Man, along with an impressive gallery of rogues. These are remarkable! I especially love the steampunk Venom, he manages to look evil and dapper at the same time.

Visit Denis’ Deviant Art page for the full gallery. While you’re there, be sure to check out his rockabilly superhero drawings, they are amazing as well. Excellent job, Sir!

[Denis Medri via]

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