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Victorian Star Trek

   Posted by: manny

Victorian Star Trek? Yes! This is why Photoshop was invented, so we can turn our favorite sci fi characters into old school Victorian gentlemen and ladies.

Very well done!

[via Buzzfeed]


Painting of Steampunk Frankenstein Hand

   Posted by: manny

Talented artist Kevin Mowrer has drawn this beautiful steampunk “Frahnknshtyne’s Hand,” isn’t it incredible?

Well, I decided that adding another emotive object into the shot would take away from the singular narrative moment of seeing through Wyctor’s eyes the raised hand that isn’t your own. I completed the victorian etching on the metal and pivots and knuckle joints and I think this one is ready for its place in the story.

Master Mowrer is drawing and creating various characters for an epic Frankenstein-inspired steampunk tale!

Check it out at

[via MowrerArt]


Drawing a Steampunk Batman and Robin

   Posted by: manny

Here’s a fascinating video of artist bouletto1975 drawing a steampunk Batman and Robin, complete with a steampunk Batmobile!

It’s so interesting to the see rough sketch take shape, then become full color. This is so great… Awesome painting!

[via Reddit]


Unusual Digital Art: Steampunk Wonder Woman

   Posted by: manny

Take a look at this uniquely awesome rendering of Steampunk Wonder Woman, created by digital artist PapaNinja. Wow, amazing. Love the tesla lasso!

Apparently the artist originally wanted to use Linda Carter as the model, but his wife insisted on posing herself. A wise choice, I would say. Very well done!

My first idea was to make a picture of Lynda Carter but my wife was not agree … So once again, Chloé was my model ^^ I think someone at DC have already done a steampunk version of some of their heroes but I’m not sure. I like the idea of a “tesla lasso” even if it would be totally useless … I was very inspired by Sir Thomas Lawrence, one of my favourite painter. I tried to have a more “painting-like” renderinf this time. Done with Photoshop, on a single layer ^^’

[via PapaNinja]


Steampunk Star Wars Imperial Walker

   Posted by: manny

A Star Wars Imperial Trooper, steampunk style! I think this picture has been around for a while, but it’s a classic. Doesn’t it look like a giant walking mailbox? LOL

“This should cause those filthy rebels ample distress!”

[via Icanhascheezburger]


Steampunk Artist Raises Money for Art Show

   Posted by: manny

A gal named Talitha has cleverly raised money for a steampunk art show in Pomona, CA. She needed $2500 for the show, so she listed the project on and made the above video. She soon got 41 Backers and raised $2,581.

Very cute, and I’m glad she could raise the money. Sounds like a great art show!


Steampunk Star Wars Illustrations

   Posted by: manny

Artist Bjorn Hurri has drawn a wonderful set of Steampunk Star Wars characters. Aren’t these purely amazing?

Personally, I think I like Leia and Boba Fett the best, but I love them all. Great work!

[via Fork Party]


Steampunk Calendar

   Posted by: manny

Need a calendar for 2011? You can’t go wrong with this awesome steampunk calendar, available for purchase on

The calendar features the impressive steampunk work of Tom Banwell, photographed by Topher Adam. This is really great!

[via Tom Banwell]


Steampunk Sarah Palin Comic Book?

   Posted by: manny

Wow, check out steampunk Sarah Palin! She now stars in her own comic book.

The story is set in a future without oil. Sarah Palin suggests switching to steam power, when there is an explosion.

Six months later Sarah Palin wakes up to find that she now has body more than half made of robot parts. Powered by steam.

Looks like Obama gets caught in the explosion too, because he becomes Robama. LOL, this story is way too crazy!

[via ComicsAlliance]


Amazing Steampunk Ship is Full of Tricks

   Posted by: manny

A very crafter steampunk engineer named Ed was nice enough to send me an email regarding this incredible ship he’s building.

Called “Barnum’s Dream,” Ed got the idea (and permission) from this artistic design by Michael Sormann

I’m so amazed at all the bells and whistles on this thing!

The laser is encased in bell shaped piece from a lamp part I covered with lambskin, stretched and stitched to its form. The wiring is hidden in the various “steam” tubes that run around the device. Batteries are held in the canister on the platform, but will be used only as backup in the final structure, as all of it will be powered by a real “live steam” engine that will run a small generator. This engine will eventually drive all the mechanisms on the ship, including the Gatling gun, which will turn through a chain drive connected to a series of pulleys and then to the flywheel of the steam engine. The laser is powerful enough to project an image through the glass tubes for a few hundred feet. At 20 feet, a bright image on a wall will be about three feet in diameter and is visually quite strange and interesting. The glass tubes glow a bright green when it is firing. It can rotate a full 360 degrees.

Head on over to Ed’s Blog to read all about how he built this ship, and what it can do.


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