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I love this steampunk cosplay group, spotted by Fashionably Geek at the recent Gen Con 2013 in Indiana.

The proton packs are so amazing! My, check out Gozer the Gozerian. And even the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is wearing a top hot. So perfect. A++, Everyone!

[via Fashionably Geek]


Steampunk Kaylee Costume from Firefly

   Posted by: manny

Here’s an excellent steampunk Kaylee costume, from the TV show Firefly. Aw, seeing this really makes me miss that show.

Cosplayer Laerai has done a beautiful job with her Kaylee costume. It’s steampunk, a bit of dieselpunk — just perfect for a mechanic like Kaylee. Laerai wore this to the recent PA Ren Faire for Time Traveler’s Weekend. She even met up with Captain Malcolm Reynolds! Very, very nice.

I found an olive green dress in a local shop that had a dieselpunk/military feel to it, and the idea was born. I hand stitched the heart and bear patches to the dress and added a brown leather waist cincher. I purchased a brooch with gears on it, and a pocketwatch, as well as a locket that seemed like something Kaylee would wear. I found the goggles online, and I plan to make them metallic and more in line with the rest of the outfit.

I got a belt pouch that I can use as storage and fits in with the costume. Lastly, I purchased an Edwardian style ivory umbrella that has that old school feel, and hand painted it to be similar to hers.

[via Laerai]

What an outfit! This guy looks awesome. This photo was taken at the recent Steamfest 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Unlike the usual fancy Victorian steampunk, this guy looks rather post-apoc, a working class scavenger. Love that burlap duster!

[via Imgur. Photo by Vladimir Chopine.]


Arabian Steampunk Costume

   Posted by: manny

Ooh, take a look at this amazing steampunk Arabian costume. This looks so cool!

It’s extraordinary, literally. Maurice Grunbaum was part of a steampunk group cosplay of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The photo is by Gilles Michel at the Japan Expo 2012.

Great job on the costume! This is incredible.



Steampunk Russell and Kevin from Up

   Posted by: manny

Check out these very creative steampunk costumes– It’s Russell and Kevin from the movie Up. Brilliant!

This was posted by ofthewest on Reddit. She’s wearing the colorful Kevin costume. Very cute, they make quite a pair. A++ !!

[via Reddit]


Impressive Grandfather Clock Steampunk Dress

   Posted by: manny

Shauna Leva interviews a pair of very well dressed steampunks at Arisia 2013 in Boston. Meet Dr. Morbius and Madam Mercy… don’t they look fantastic? Her dress is actually designed after a grandfather clock! So creative.

[via Nerd Caliber]


Victorian Man of Steel Costume

   Posted by: manny

In honor of today’s release of Man of Steel, here’s an excellent Victorian Superman. What a proper supergentleman! This was made by Jared Axelrod. Excellent job, Sir!

[via Jared Axelrod]


Victorian Lady Darth Vader Costume

   Posted by: manny

Here’s a lovely steampunk Darth Vader costume, inspired by Victorian mourning wear. The mask she got from Epbot, who has her own amazing steampunk Vader costume.

It’s fun to see costumers helping each other out. Great job, Ladies!

[via Fashionably Geek]


Incredible Steampunk Iron Man and Harley Quinn

   Posted by: manny

Cosplayer Tejnin made a really cool steampunk Harley Quinn costume, and she’s posing with an amazing steampunk Iron Man at the recent Up in the Aether steampunk convention in Detroit.

Wow, Iron Man has such a nice helmet. These two make quite a pair. Well done!

[via Tejnin]


Steampunk in the Orient

   Posted by: manny

Oh, this is nice. The good people of Ohako Photography snapped these incredible photos at the 2012 London MCM Expo.

What a beautiful steampunk costume, inspired by fashion from the Far East. If anyone knows who this cosplayer is, feel free to chime in below!

[via Ohako Photography]

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