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Victorian Lady Darth Vader Costume

   Posted by: manny

Here’s a lovely steampunk Darth Vader costume, inspired by Victorian mourning wear. The mask she got from Epbot, who has her own amazing steampunk Vader costume.

It’s fun to see costumers helping each other out. Great job, Ladies!

[via Fashionably Geek]


Incredible Steampunk Iron Man and Harley Quinn

   Posted by: manny

Cosplayer Tejnin made a really cool steampunk Harley Quinn costume, and she’s posing with an amazing steampunk Iron Man at the recent Up in the Aether steampunk convention in Detroit.

Wow, Iron Man has such a nice helmet. These two make quite a pair. Well done!

[via Tejnin]


Steampunk in the Orient

   Posted by: manny

Oh, this is nice. The good people of Ohako Photography snapped these incredible photos at the 2012 London MCM Expo.

What a beautiful steampunk costume, inspired by fashion from the Far East. If anyone knows who this cosplayer is, feel free to chime in below!

[via Ohako Photography]


Gorgeous Steampunk Iron Maiden

   Posted by: manny

Since Iron Man 3 comes out today, it’s only appropriate to show this absolutely gorgeous steampunk Iron Man/Maiden costume. So amazing! This is what perfection looks like.

Michelle from The Suitcase Studio is the proud wearer of this costume. But it was a family team effort, as her husband designed it, and her mother-in-law sewed it. They make quite a team. Great job!

[via Suitcase Studio]


Steampunk Slytherin Harry Potter Costume

   Posted by: manny

How about a little steampunk Harry Potter cosplay? Here’s a great Steampunk Slytherin costume, made and modeled by cosplayer xfsista. Doesn’t she look magical?

Very classy and well done!

[via Fashionably Geek]


Gorgeous Steampunk Lady

   Posted by: manny

“Full steam ahead!” Wow, what a beautiful steampunk outfit. This is the lovely SinaDominoCollins, she’s a model and artist from London.

This photo shoot was put together to promote the new Yes, now this is how to advertise. Great job!

[via SinaDominoCollins]


Stylish Steampunk Gentleman

   Posted by: manny

Here’s a proper steampunk gentleman, making an appearance at last summer’s AnimagiC 2012. The event is an annual anime convention held in Bonn, Germany.

This photo was taken by the talented Spyridon Kakouris of Spirosk Photography. Follow the link to view more of his excellent photography!


The Edwardian Ball 2013 in Los Angeles

   Posted by: manny

The talented Mark Day has released another fabulous video, this time of the recent Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles. The stylish event took place on Feb. 23rd at the Fonde Theatre on Hollywood Blvd.

Mark really manages to capture the magic of these events. It looks like such an amazing time. Wonderful job, Sir!

For more LA Edwardian Ball goodness, visit their official Facebook page for a full event gallery containing over 500 photos.

The League of Steam released a Harlem Shake video! And now everything is right in the world. What a funny group. Great job, guys!

Filmed at Clockwork Couture in Burbank, CA –

[via League of Steam]


Lovely Homemade Steampunk Costume

   Posted by: manny

Here’s a lovely homemade steampunk outfit, made and modeled by Tangofortwo. This looks great! I like that top hat, and I love her potion pouch accessory. I wonder what’s inside all those vials?

Very classy. The costume is sexy, yet at the same time quite modest. That’s not an easy balance to achieve. Nicely done!

[via Reddit]

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