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Lovely Homemade Steampunk Costume

   Posted by: manny

Here’s a lovely homemade steampunk outfit, made and modeled by Tangofortwo. This looks great! I like that top hat, and I love her potion pouch accessory. I wonder what’s inside all those vials?

Very classy. The costume is sexy, yet at the same time quite modest. That’s not an easy balance to achieve. Nicely done!

[via Reddit]

This video is so mesmerizing. Enjoy the plentiful steampunk-inspired fashion in this footage from the Edwardian Ball and World’s Faire 2013 in San Francisco. Wow, talk about an amazing party.

Mark Day shot and produced this video. Man, someday I hope to shake his hand. Mark seems to be at every major party, and he has quite the knack for capturing the magic at these events. Do check out his other work on his YouTube channel.

Keep up the good work, Sir!


Adorable Steampunk Toddler

   Posted by: manny

Check out this steampunk toddler! She’s posing in the trees, ready for adventure. This photo was posted by Greenwing over on Reddit. So cute, what a great outfit.

She even has a little steampunk gun. But Greenwing assures us, “Her gun only has a stun setting.” Adorable!

[via Reddit]


1886: Steampunk Fashion Video

   Posted by: manny

Take a look at this gorgeous steampunk video by directors Adrian Lazarus and Nicky Felbert. Truly stunning! It was shot in a coffee shop in Capetown, South Africa. David, the coffee shop owner, already had a collection of steampunk costumes, and the team managed to produce this video for less than $1,000.

The piece is a fantasy video showcasing the fashion, the hats, the gadgets and the lifestyle that could have been the future of 19th Century steam culture, set in the future. The decadent nature of this steam era video, is portrayed with strong gun-slinging women, and rough grizzly men. The music from Moby suits the piece perfectly.

[via Nicky Felbert]


Awesome Steampunk Gentleman

   Posted by: manny

Wow, this guy just looks awesome. What a super cool outfit. This is Marcusstratus posing on the streets of Portland, OR for student photographer Anna Bart. Man, he looks like a million bucks.

Be sure to browse the rest of his DeviantArt gallery, his work is amazing! And congrats to Anna for taking great photos.

[via Marcusstratus]


Lovely Steampunk Photoshoot

   Posted by: manny

Here’s a lovely behind the scenes look at a steampunk costume photo shoot. This lovely Steampunk Faerie costume was made by designer Daisy Viktoria. She makes a ton of beautiful historical and fantasy costumes. Very impressive!

Follow the link to view her official site, and don’t forget to say hello to her on Facebook.

Take a look at this amazing steampunk dress, made by SparkleyJem on Etsy. This particular dress is entitled Steampunk Brittania, and created for the UK Steampunk Convivial in Lincoln.

Order this dress with your own country’s flag to show your national pride. Priced at $5,000, you can expect the absolute highest quality materials and couture.

Very beautiful work!

This particular gown features a cameo of the young Queen Victoria and the Union flag.

The whole outfit consists of

A steel boned white under corset.
Asymetric silk and leather bodice with cameo and vintage lace.
Small bustle cage.
Satin underskirt.
Draped cotton flag bustle swag.
One long white faux leather fingerless glove

[via SparkleyJem]


Gorgeous Steampunk Costume Photo

   Posted by: manny

This is SweetLoris, who looks truly amazing in her steampunk outfit. What a great photo, and I love that gun! I’m impressed that she was able to assemble this costume without resorting to the typical goggles and glued on gears. Not that there’s anything wrong with goggles and gears — I just like the uniqueness of her ensemble.

This photo shoot was a collaboration between SweetLoris and photographer Kristin Berwald. Well done, Ladies, you did a marvelous job!

Gun: Gordon Smuder
Hat: Apatico
Clothing Design: Blasphemina’s Closet
Jewelry Design and Photography: Kristin Berwald of Bionic Unicorn
Hair/Makeup: M C Nelson Artistry

The guns were so expensive that the photographer only let me hold them for a few minutes while we were shooting and then carried them around in a baby stroller with extra padding.

[via Reddit]


Celebrities Model Steampunk-ish Prada

   Posted by: manny

Prada has released their fall line of men’s clothing, and some of it looks very steampunk-inspired. I think this is the definition of Fancy Pants.

Some well known actors actually model the clothing. Here are Willem Dafoe, Gary Oldman, Jamie Bell, and Garrett Hedlund looking quite dapper and very nearly steampunk.

Check out the full gallery on



Lovely Steampunk Costume with Wings

   Posted by: manny

Here’s a very lovely steampunk costume, made and modeled by Demorafairy. She’s really done a great job, and looks fantastic in the corset and skirt.

She also made a beautiful set of metallic wings. There’s a nice write up on how she made the wings on her DeviantArt page. Incredible work, Madam!

The wings are made of thin card, covered in silver metallic vinyl sheeting, which I got from a general DIY store. As this is what most of the questions are about I’m going to find out exactly what it is when I get home from uni (around July sometime).

The clockwork is straight out of a clock with a few minimal adjustments to make the cogs rotate more (I found that when the alarm goes off more of the cogs rotate, and that there was a small part limiting how long the alarm would go off for; once I removed that part, it would go pretty much indefinitely). I can’t give much more help on that though since finding that was pretty much trial, improvement and luck.

The rest is fairly straightforward – there’s a cardboard sheet attached to the back of the clockwork to stop it digging into the wearer’s back and to keep the clockwork going, and fake leather straps attached to that, which are adjustable with a buckle.

[Demorafairy on Imgur & DeviantArt]

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