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If you’re a steampunk who likes to bake, these Geeky Sprinkles may be just what you need. Tara, aka the Geeky Hostess is raising money on Kickstarter to produce a line of sprinkles that include steampunk gears, lightning bolts, even a Doctor Who Tardis!

She’s already reached her original goal of $33,500, so I’d say it’s a safe bet for success. Congratulations on a great idea! Head on over to Kickstarter if you’d like to contribute.

[via Geeky Sprinkles]


How To Mod a Steampunk Darth Vader Mask

   Posted by: manny

Wow, what a beauty. Jen from EPBOT painstakingly made this gorgeous steampunk mask out of a $30 Darth Vader helmet. It even lights up with wired LED lights.

She posted a full How To with an impressive step-by-step gallery of photos. This is so amazing!

This is another primer coat. As you can see, the spray spattered a bit and gave the mask a nice texture – as it turned out, a happy accident.

After the primer I base-coated the mask in matte black, and then applied a silver metallic glaze with a dry brush technique: READ MORE

[EPBOT via Fashionably Geek]

Take a look at this lovely steampunk corset dress, made by the talented Erica Young. It’s made out of neckties! Wow, what a fantastic look.

Erica put together a very nice tutorial on, so you can make one yourself. It took her about 15 hours to complete, so this project is for someone rather handy with stitching.

Wonderful job, Erica!

I made a deliberate attempt to use only what I had on hand for this corset, though I did end up spending about $10 for bias tape, brown thread, and grommets. If you purchase all required supplies, this corset could set you back up to $100, I would imagine.

This particular design took me about fifteen hours to complete. A significant portion of that time was dedicated to hand stitching (and taking photos for this ‘ible!). Hand stitching will be an unavoidable aspect of this corset so prepare yourself with some background movies or tunes, maybe a hand brace, and a delicious adult beverage. VIEW TUTORIAL

[ via Instructables]


Awesome Steampunk Goggles

   Posted by: manny

Check out these awesome steampunk goggles, made by Redditor ergsentry. He took a pair of cheap welding goggles and turned them into this work of beauty.

He even made a fancy velvet display box for them. And the pipe is a nice touch. Very classy work… Well done, Sir!

[via Reddit]


Steampunk-Inspired Female Riddler

   Posted by: manny

Check out this very lovely steampunk Riddler costume! This was made and worn by classy Redditor saladsporkoflove.

And before any steampunk purists chime in to say this isn’t steampunk — she does claim that it’s steampunk-inspired, and her first attempt at steampunk. I think she did remarkably well. Great job!

[via Reddit]


Steampunk Insects Made from Bullets

   Posted by: manny

UK artist Tom Hardwidge makes original steampunk insects out of old bullets and clockwork pieces. It’s truly remarkable art, I’m so impressed!

You can find purchasing info and pricing on his Contact Page. Pricing ranges from $80-$240.

You can choose from bees, wasps, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, dragonflies, praying mantises, butterflies and tarantulas!

Each Arthrobot starts its life as a series of sketches, some take their inspiration from nature, others from bits and pieces of metal and beads which form an unusual structure or fit together in an interesting way. After they have been planned out (very roughly) they start to take shape in Tom’s dining room where he has all of his tools and materials laid out to prevent any actual dining from taking place.

Arthrobots are NOT toys. They may have sharp, pointy bits and are not suitable for young children. Although some parts (wings and legs) are movable on some sculptures, they are fragile and are only intended for ornamental purposes.

[Arthrobots via 1800recycling]


Steampunk Cats: Photos and Artwork

   Posted by: manny


Just wanted to have a little fun with Steampunk cats today. Here’s a few fun photos and artwork of steampunk cats. LOL, these are great.

Cats already have plenty of ‘punk’ so adding a little steam is easy!







Updated with Bonus Video!


Steampunk Big Daddy Gun from Nerf Barricade

   Posted by: manny

Here’s an amazing steampunk prop, made from a Nerf Barricade toy. It was made by master maker Faustus70, and is currently for sale on Etsy for $300.00!

The gun is battery powered and functional — it actually fires Nerf darts. So cool!

well this started off as a nerf barricade until it met me…
i have constructed it from hand cut planks the wood came from a old chair thats at least 75 years old i like to re use any thing if i can
the scope works its set at x3 mag
it has a access pannel on the top so you can get at any darts that jam
it is powerd by x3 1.5 AA batteries (lr6)
and holds 10 whistler nerf darts
it still works and fires all the strapping has been hand cut from aluminium and hand riveted in place

[via NerdApproved]


How To: Convert a Nerf Gun to Steampunk

   Posted by: manny

GizmoWatch posted an excellent tutorial that teaches you how to convert a cheap Nerf toy gun into a nice steampunk gun prop.

Total cost is less than $40.00, not bad at all!

1) Start with the mini screwdriver. Take out all the screws you see on the Maverick gun. Keep in mind to separate the different sized screws. The back cocking screws are smaller than the main body screws. Separate the two halves and welcome to the machinery of the gun. Pull out each and every part after noting the place and position of every little spring. This is a very IMPORTANT step and sketch yourself a quick diagram to help you in putting things back, where they belong. One part in the wrong position, and your gun malfunctions.

2) Time for sand paper work!

Read the full tutorial!

[GizmoWatch via TDW Geeks]


Steampunk Batman from Baltimore

   Posted by: manny

I’ve posted several versions of Steampunk Batman in the past, and here is yet another splendid take on the concept.

Don’t you love the mustache? This steamy caped crusader was spotted at the recent Baltimore Comic-Con. Great outfit… my only criticism would be a bigger, steamier utility belt, perhaps. Just a minor nitpick, it’s hard to tell as his hands are in the way.

Excellent job, Sir!

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