Remnant: New Steampunk Series

   Posted by: manny

Get ready for Remnant! This is an upcoming steampunk series from Penny Dreadful Productions, currently filming now. I was given a heads up by PDP’s very own John F. Strangeway, aka Steampunk Boba Fett.

This looks like a cool story about freedom, chaos and order. A great topic for a futuristic steampunk tale, and it makes for a smart commentary about today’s society as well. There’s nothing like a good Sci Fi story that makes you think.

Remnant debuts later this year. I can’t wait to see this!

You can learn more about Remnant by visiting Facebook and their Official Website.

The Turn was black, bloody, chaotic, then quiet. Mankind has spent the last 500 years clinging to a pathetic existence, but from the rubble of time’s decay rises a relentless power. Remnant will stop at nothing to unify the realm and restore order, but order comes at a price some won’t pay. Which side will you choose, Order or Freedom?

[via GetDreadful & RemnantNeedsYou]


Steampunk Playing Cards for Sale

   Posted by: manny

Theory11 sells some rather cool looking steampunk playing cards, definitely worth checking out. The paper they use is “custom bronze-effect paper stock,” and I think it works nicely.

For only $5.95, it’s a good deal!

Opening the box, you will discover 52 pieces of machinery. The depth of the playing cards is fittingly unreal. So unreal, it beckons you to stare at it’s seemingly infinite array of detail. Designed by Alex Beltechi and constructed of 12 million 3D polygons. The Jokers are morphed into jet turbines of steel. The Ace of Spades is a window of opportunity to witness the gears of intricate beauty and complexity.

[Theory11 via Boing Boing]


Lovely Steampunk Fairy Costume

   Posted by: manny

I came across a photo of this lovely steampunk madam and was quite impressed! Great costume, and she’s decked out in amazing steampunk accessories. You can see from the badge she’s wearing that this was taken at Dragon Con.

Stuart of ittybittyevilkitty.com has a nice post about steampunk accessories on his blog, and says of this gal, “I have no idea who this is, but she sure knows how to accessorise steampunk!” Well said, Stuart, I wholeheartedly agree.

Fortunately, this beautiful and mysterious woman chimes in with a comment, identifying herself as Melinda. And she includes a second photo! “Hi! That photo is me, waiting to enter the parade at Dragon Con 2009. Although it’s hard to see the wings, I was dressed as a steampunk fairy.”

Excellent job on your costume, Melinda (and your friends look great, too). Well done!

[via ittybittyevilkitty]


Steampunk Santa Costume

   Posted by: manny

Did everyone have a good Christmas?

Check out this steampunk-inspired Santa costume. Very nice! Though Santa looks a bit worn out, don’t you think? I imagine he’s quite tired from flying all around the world and climbing chimneys. Great job, Santa. See you next year!

[via Steampunk World]


Print Your Own Hi-Res Steampunk 2012 Calendar

   Posted by: manny

Want a gorgeous 2012 printable steampunk calendar? Artist Phantoms Siren has designed this lovely work of art and has given it away FREE to the steampunk community!

I’m showing a low-res version of the artwork. CLICK HERE to download the big 7 MB version.

Thanks, Phantoms Siren!


Merry Hothmas from Steampunk Boba Fett

   Posted by: manny

Steampunk Boba Fett wears a costume on a costume to make this very merry Christmas greeting. Nice Santa suit, Mr. Fett!

“Merry Hothmas. Now put Santa in the cargo hold.”

I love the AT-AT walkers in the background, dressed as reindeer and pulling the sleigh. LOL, great job! And Merry Hothmas to you!

[Steampunk Boba Fett via Obvious Winner]


Beiber’s Steampunk Video with Beiber Removed

   Posted by: manny

A Justin Beiber video without Justin Beiber? You’ve probably seen the singer’s recent steampunk music video, Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

Well, someone edited the video to remove Beiber, and replaced the song with “Build the Robots” by Dr. Steel. And now it’s a cool robot music video, very nice!

[via inkyblob]


Steampunk Tardis Dress from Doctor Who

   Posted by: manny

For Halloween last fall, lovely lady Goldenmoonrose sewed this amazing steampunk Tardis dress from Doctor Who! Very subtly done, it’s not immediately recognizable until you take a closer look.

What a gorgeous dress, well done, Madam!

My Halloween costume this year was an anthropomorphic steampunk TARDIS, based very loosely on Neil Gaiman’s The Doctor’s Wife. Granted, it was basically an excuse to make this Simplicity pattern and take advantage of my only chance to do some Doctor Who cosplay. Although no one had a clue as to what I was, my costume totally rocked. By far the best thing I’ve ever sewn.

[via SteamFashion]


Steampunk Goggles: Photo Tutorial

   Posted by: manny

Want to learn how to make your own pair of steampunk goggles? Check out this gorgeous, and very large, image tutorial put together by Fenris the Red Wolf on DeviantArt. Wow, he must have spent a lot of time creating this, very impressive.

You can view an HTML version of his tutorial by visiting Fenrisdesigns.com.

Click on the image for a slightly larger version. Great work, Sir!

[via Fenris the Red Wolf]


3D Printed Steampunk Dice

   Posted by: manny

Here’s an interesting gift idea for the steampunk gamer… steampunk dice! MechanicalOddities uses their 3D printer to make these unique dice. The number of gears on each side represent a number from 1-6. Very cool idea! For $11.50, this is a very nice and affordable gift idea, indeed.

This unique die was designed and modeled in the computer. We used our in house 3D printer to literally print it one thin layer at a time and then infused it by hand. It has been hand painted to a bronze-like finish. A cool present for the gamer or Steampunk fan in your life.

The dimensions are
in inches: 1 x 1 x 1
in centimeters: 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5

[via MechanicalOddities]

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