Stunning Steampunk Photography

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I came across this stunning steampunk photography by Houston-based Locked Illusions. The little steampunk boy has on a wonderful outfit, and I love the shot of him playing with the dog.

Prints are available for purchase via their Etsy shop. Follow the links to view many more impressive photos!

[via Locked Illusions]

Take a look at this lovely steampunk corset dress, made by the talented Erica Young. It’s made out of neckties! Wow, what a fantastic look.

Erica put together a very nice tutorial on Instructables.com, so you can make one yourself. It took her about 15 hours to complete, so this project is for someone rather handy with stitching.

Wonderful job, Erica!

I made a deliberate attempt to use only what I had on hand for this corset, though I did end up spending about $10 for bias tape, brown thread, and grommets. If you purchase all required supplies, this corset could set you back up to $100, I would imagine.

This particular design took me about fifteen hours to complete. A significant portion of that time was dedicated to hand stitching (and taking photos for this ‘ible!). Hand stitching will be an unavoidable aspect of this corset so prepare yourself with some background movies or tunes, maybe a hand brace, and a delicious adult beverage. VIEW TUTORIAL

[EricaYoung.com via Instructables]

Want to see some great steampunk costumes and fashion from the 2012 Steampunk World’s Fair? Fashionably Geek has a really nice gallery of photos, courtesy of Knightmare6 Photography.

Just magnificent! I love the steampunk Freddy Krueger. Head on over to Fashionably Geek to view the full gallery.

[via Fashionably Geek]


Krusher the Steampunk Hound

   Posted by: manny

My, what a dapper gentleman! This is Krusher, the handsome steampunk hound.

There’s a wonderful interview with Krusher’s owner, Mariah, on UrbanThreads, where she talks about how she made this costume.

Mariah’s creative handiwork and dedication really paid off. What a fantastic outfit! I encourage you to read the full interview, as it is very insightful.

Did you design the costume yourself? Was it based off a pattern or did you make it up on your own?

I knew what I wanted to do, make the top hat, a button down shirt with a tie, a vest, and a gun holster. So I looked through my patterns I had in my stash (love the 10 patterns for $10 sales) and found a pattern I had used before (the tie) and another one that I had wanted to try. I had to adapt the patterns to fit Krusher’s frame. With his barrel chest, he has a hard time finding clothes that fit him off the rack. READ MORE

[via UrbanThreads]


Steampunk Mustache with Protective Umbrellas

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This dapper gentleman has the finest steampunk mustache I’ve ever seen. It includes tiny umbrellas to keep his mustache dry… as long as he doesn’t poke an eye out first.

Most impressive!

[via Jokeroo]


Steampunk Hulk Action Figure

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With all the Avengers buzz these days, I thought it would be fun to pay tribute to this awesome Steampunk Hulk action figure, made by Jin Saotome. He combined several action figures and accessories to make this, and the result is pure genious.

Fantastic work, Sir.

He was made from a Smart Hulk body, McFarlane Creech hands, a Spawn Dessicator backpack apparatus, various belt sections/pouches, DCU Metal Man wrench accessory, and scratch made goggles. Now he’s ready to repair the War Machine golem or invent some crazy new death ray to take on Dr Doom!

[via FigureRealm]


Putting the Pro in Steampunk Cospro

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Woah. This is so stunning. Made by SteampunkOverlord, this steampunk suit is the epitome of Cospro, a term coined by SteampunkOverlord himself. It’s a good word for a costume that is far beyond normal cosplay and into the realm of super professional.

Stunning work, Sir!

Let me start by introducing a new name to the costume world, I call it ‘Cospro’ meaning people that take their costumes that one step further to a more professional level. I am sure there are thousands of us out there and alls it needs is a name and to be recognised as a extremely talented art form in its self. So I am going to start the ball rolling and hope with the people that do it on a higher level we can start a new movement that is already out there with name to identify it with. Cospro – you heard it here first. let’s get behind it. I can see that this cospro title has either caused people to love it or hate it. It was not meant to come across as arrogant as some people have suggested, however I am just distinguishing people that take their costume a stage further. Also to state that the cosplay world is now moving into a new era, admittadly before now it was mainly deemed as a hobby that some people would say was for nerds, I don’t like this term and it is certainly not the case here. Alls I am trying to do here is get people credit and the respect they deserve and the term ‘cospro’ is just a term to cover this. No more, no less.



Awesome Steampunk Goggles

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Check out these awesome steampunk goggles, made by Redditor ergsentry. He took a pair of cheap welding goggles and turned them into this work of beauty.

He even made a fancy velvet display box for them. And the pipe is a nice touch. Very classy work… Well done, Sir!

[via Reddit]


New Steampunk Architect Plans Available

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Some rather impressive poster-size Steampunk Architect plans are now for sale, sold exclusively by Costume Craze. They have teamed up with a local architect who designs custom steampunk trains, airships, and other schematics.

I’ve posted about Designer/Architect Jeremy Gates’ designs in the past. Congrats to Jeremy for teaming up with a big league distributor. Your work is fantastic!

You can check out his designs by Clicking Here. I think they’d look great on an office/bedroom wall or as a movie prop. The paper is hand-brushed with tea to give it a proper old timey look and feel. Poster size is 24″ x 36″. Very cool!

Professor Whipplefinch was exploring the British high seas, when he recovered a chest full of old steampunk schematics from a salvaged pirate ship. Now you can own a piece of futuristic history with these original drawings, not available anywhere else!

We have teamed up with a local architect to provide these unique steampunk plans and schematics. Perfect for steampunk parties, movie props, and decorating your home or office. Each drawing is carefully hand-brushed with tea for an authentically aged look, and folded the same way maps were stored during Victorian times. The perfect gift for any fan of steampunk!

Each plan measures 24 in. x 36 in.

[via Costume Craze]


Girl Posing in Lovely Steampunk Costume

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This is Sync4ex, modeling her stunning steampunk costume. Absolutely gorgeous!

She made this costume with a dress from the Goodwill and a corset purchased from corset-story.com. I’m very impressed… well done, Madam!

[via Reddit]

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