Awesome Steampunk Mario Costume

   Posted by: manny

Here’s a fantastic steampunk Mario costume. Very well done! It was made by Redditor 3dbdotcom. Wow, even Thor would be jealous of that hammer. He did such a remarkable job on not only the costume, but all the props and gadgets.

I’d sure love to see a Luigi version, and a pair of steampunk go-carts. Very impressive!

[via Geekologie]


Painting of Steampunk Iron Man

   Posted by: manny

Here’s an excellent rendition of steampunk Iron Man. Don’t you just love his little metal mustache? This was painted by artist Luke Maddox. His entire Tumblr is full of neat artwork. Well done, Sir!

[via Luke Maddox]


Steampunk Mad Hatter Costume

   Posted by: manny

Here’s an amazing steampunk Mad Hatter costume. Love that hat! What a great outfit, complete with attached tea cup.

Excellent job, Sir!

[via Imgur]


Steampunk Gore Makeup for Halloween

   Posted by: manny

Need to add a little gore to your steampunk Halloween costume? Thanks to Gabriel Dreams, you can do just that. You’ll look like a mangled steampunk cyborg in no time. Fun stuff.

Happy Halloween!

[via Gabriel Dreams]

Costume-loving violinist Lindsey Sterling has some steampunk-inspired Western fun in her latest music video Roundtable Rival. Very entertaining! The people wear goggles (even on their cowboy hats), and they duel with sonic musical instruments instead of guns.

This has a vibe similar to The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Well done, Lindsey!

[Roundtable Rival via Lindsey Sterling]


Steampunk Warrior Practices Quick Draw

   Posted by: manny

This steampunk warrior isn’t finished with his costume yet, but he’s wasting no time preparing for battle. He’s fast as lightening! Well done, Sir. Just remember, a steampunk gun is not a toy. 🙂

My costume is a long way from being finished but I decided I should start practicing my quick draw and not wait until the last minute!

[via Mike Baughman]


Steampunk Catwoman on Gotham?

   Posted by: manny

I gave FOX’s new show Gotham a try, and was pleasantly surprised. Looks to be a fun show, and I like the characters they’ve introduced.

One thing did catch my eye… what’s up with Selina Kyle’s steampunk goggles? Did that make anyone else do a double take? I guess I thought the goggles seemed a little out of place. Like they’re trying just a little too hard to make Selina hip and cool?

I wonder what you all think? In any case, I suppose it’s too soon to tell. Maybe we’ll learn more in Episode 2, which is titled “Selina Kyle.”


Painted Steampunk Dog by SplendidBeast

   Posted by: manny

Here’s an excellent painting of a steampunk dog. Very nice! The artist is Splendid Beast and this painting is up for sale. It’s hand painted oil on canvas, and it could be yours for only $99.

[via Splendid Beast]


Steampunk Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley

   Posted by: manny

Check out steampunk Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley! Wow, they did a great job. These crafty cosplayers made a dandy appearance at the Steampunk World’s Fair in New Jersey. Quite magical, fantastic job!

[via Nerd Caliber]


Steampunk Wings for Guinea Pigs

   Posted by: manny

Every Guinea Pig needs a set of these amazing steampunk wings. These are hand made by SkyPirate Creations, a maker of handmade clothing and accessories.

They have a store on Etsy if you feel like going shopping. These particular wings are selling for around $75, not bad!

[SkyPirate Creations via Neatorama]

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