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Steam-Powered Robot

   Posted by: manny    in Gadgets

Check out this cool “Steampunk Robot” posted by The124pcr on YouTube.

The robot can move, but wow it looks dangerous. It’s powered by the steam generated from burning liquid ethanol. So yeah… probably not for kids. I notice the guy wears gloves just to touch it.

This is amazing!


The Fright Before Christmas

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I thought it would be fun to post this Christmas video from the League of Steam.

In The Fright Before Christmas, it’s Christmas Eve at the League of Steam, but the’re trouble afoot! Heh, these guys are so great.

I hope all of you have a Merry, Steampunky Christmas!


Animated Steampunk Musical

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Check out this wonderful steampunk animated short by animator Kyle Stephens. It’s a musical entitled, McDonough, and uses stop motion to tell the story of a steampunk engineer who wants to fly.

Great stuff!


Steampunk Outfits for Women

   Posted by: manny    in Fashion

Needs some ideas for steampunk fashion, Ladies? has a nice gallery of steampunk gals. Visit their site to view the full gallery.

Awesome photos! These gals definitely put the punk into steampunk!



Intro to Steampunk for School Project

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Here’s a fun introduction to steampunk, put together by TymeRyde for a school project.

Not only does she explain the basic concepts of steampunk, but she includes a segment on steampunk slang. Very helpful for steampunk noobs who might otherwise find themselves lost in conversation.

Great work, TymeRyde. I hope you got a A!



Amazing Steam-Powered Record Player

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Wow, I am so impressed. A functional, steam-powered record player! This is truly an amazing work of art.

Simon Jansen of New Zealand put this baby together. He explains how this works a lot better than I can. Great job!

Yes, it is true steampunk. The engine was made mainly from bits and pieces I had lying about in my junk box. The boiler was made from some copper water pipe and a bespoke platter and base was made using wood. I am using an Arduino to control everything buy using a coil to detect the passing of magnets in the edge of the platter. The Arduino works out the revs then feeds this information into a PID controller the output of which drives a servo controlling a throttle on the engine. The speed is regulated to 33 1/3 (well, more or less) and displayed on an analogue meter. The tone arm uses an old phono cartridge that connects to my phono pre-amp and into my stereo.

[via Make]


Steampunk Costume Sale 50%-90% Off

   Posted by: manny    in Costumes, Props

Just a heads up for anyone looking for some steampunk accessories on the cheap…

Costume Craze is having a big sale, and everything in their store is 50%-90% off. Some great deals to be had, and they have a nice collection of steampunk-ish costumes and accessories worth checking out!

Click the image below to view the costume deals!


Happy Thanksgiving!

   Posted by: manny    in Fashion

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble gobble!

[Steampunk Native Amerian images via Lucv_cate]


Steampunk Batman Drawing Contest

   Posted by: manny    in Art, Contests

Over on Whitechapel, comic legend Warren Ellis held a contest to see who could draw the best Steampunk Batman movie poster. What a cool idea?

A lot of talented artists submitted wonderful drawings. I’ve posted a few below. Not only did they do a great job redesigning Batman’s costume, but the language and styling is just perfect.

Immerse yourself in the era of Steampunk, and the coal-fired industrial nightmare of Gotham, where is set the popular silent films concerning The Batman. Or even The Bat-Man, if you prefer.

There have been several such moving pictures to date, with titles like


and the like. Your task is to design a poster, suitable for placement outside a cinematheque or other theatre, regarding one of these films.

[via Whitechapel]


DragonCon’s Steampunk Fashion Show

   Posted by: manny    in Conventions, Costumes, Fashion, Video

I found this little gem on Youtube — a steampunk fashion show from last September at DragonCon 2010.

It’s a full 8 minutes long, but it’s worth it. The quality is pretty good and there’s lots and lots of steampunk fashion. Very fun to watch!

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