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Backlash: Steampunk iPhone Game

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If you own an iPhone, you can now download Backlash, a steampunk game! From what I can tell, it looks like Steampunk Pinball. Sounds like a great way to pass the time for only a dollar.

Flick a ball through 40 levels of a giant machine in a unique steampunk inspired puzzle experience.

Use your wits in combination with pieces of the machine that speed you up, slow you down or blow you clear across a level as you guide the ball through the depths of the machine.

Backlash features a highly-detailed environment, challenging levels, crisp artwork and realistic artwork wrapped in a challenging single-player experience. Try to outsmart the machine’s internal security system as you figure out the least amount of bounces to the goal in Challenge Mode or learn the levels at your own pace and have fun messing around in the aptly named Free Play.

Original game music graciously provided by Chemtrail

1. 40 Unique Levels
2. Challenge Mode with cumulative scoring
3. Free Play
4. Realistic ball physics
5. Unique steampunk environment
6. Music by Chemtrail


[via SinecureIndustries]


Steampunk World’s Fair Promo

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Ready for the Steampunk World’s Fair next month? Guaranteed to be the big steampunk event of the year. The event takes place on May 14th-16th 2010, at the Radisson of Piscataway, in the lovely state of New Jersey.

Watch this fun video promo: “I’m a Steampunk.” It’s a clever parody of the Mac vs PC commericals. Who says you HAVE to have goggles? lol




Steampunk Prosthetic Leg

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Take a look at this gorgeous steampunk prosthetic leg! What a brilliant idea! This is the perfect addition to any steampunk costume, I love it!

The creator’s name is Skinz-N-Hydez, he makes A LOT of really cool steampunk costume props and gadgets. Great work!



[via Skinz-N-Hydez]


Working Steampunk VTR Controller

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What a cool looking gadget. When I first saw this I wondered what it was. Some kind of steampunk typewriter? A steampunk music box?

Turns out, this is a working Video Tape Recorder (VTR) – which predates the VCR. Wow! I wonder how much it sells for?

[via BoingBoing]


Steampunk Taxidermy?

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Wow, this is so strange! Lisa Black is an artist in New Zealand who specializes in steampunk taxidermy. As if taxidermy wasn’t creepy enough, but she takes it to the next level by adding steampunk gears and movable hinges to dead animals.

I’m not even sure… is this really steampunk? In any case, it’s very original artwork!





[via Lisa Black]


Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Costume

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Check out this awesome steampunk Alice in Wonderland cosplay shoot from AmberUnmasked. Isn’t this beautiful?

Amber is an Internet celebrity, she writes for many publications, reviews comics and graces cons with all of her awesome costumes. I know she is big in the supehero world, but I didn’t know she also dabbled in steampunk. Very cool!

This is my original Alice in Wonderland dress which my mother made for me when I was in college. I punked it up a little bit with tons of my grandmother’s jewelry, a great little leather purse which was a gift from a customer, and my reliable old Timberland boots.

This photoshoot was organized by the steampunkfashions community on Live Journal and was shot at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in 2009.





[via AmberUnmasked]


SteamPunk’d: The Short Movie

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john-strangewayToday I was contacted by Steampunk Boba Fett, aka John F. Strangeway. He’s a part of Penny Dreadful Productions, an awesome costume production company offering “Conceptual Design, Special Makeup and Prosthetics, Specialty Props, Costumes and Specialty Costuming, Public Art and Display, and much more.”

They recently put together this fun short movie, called Steampunk’d. I think it’s excellent, despite being a fun way to test a new HD camera. I love the steampunk Frankenstein feel to it. Great work, Guys!

More information from the Youtube description:

The other day, the gang and I got a chance to experiment with a new still camera that shoots 1080p HD video. I was given a day or two for prep, came up with this silly idea for an Over the Top funny steampunk short and 15 hours later here we are. The Video was shot in 5 hours and edited in ten. Please keep in mind when watching that this was just a fun project for me and the crew from Penny Dreadful Productions. I understand it’s not the greatest quality, there tons of continuity issues, awful lighting issues, and shaky camera moves, but hopefully everyone will enjoy it regardless.

Here’s a promotional video for Penny Dreadful Productions. Be sure to check out their site. Big thanks to John for sending in the tip!

Penny Dreadful Productions Promo