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Alkaline Trio Makes Steampunk Music Video

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This music video by Alkaline Trio is a lot of fun to watch. There are so many great costumes and gadgets in this fun tribute to steampunk.

The song is called Help Me. What a great tune, and a fantastic video!

[via Steampunk Tribune]


Steampunk Sound Effects: The Doomsday Machine

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Here’s an unusual steampunk gadget made by Peter Groenewoud of Hilltree Productions.

He calls this the Doomsday Machine, perhaps aptly named because it’s actually quite dangerous. It’s so dangerous, in fact, that he refuses to explain how it’s made. But apparently it can process sound through lightbulbs, which then gives music a steampunky effect. Interesting!

This is my diy project "steampunk doomsday machine". it is a fuzz /compressor like external effect .But i made it with decent steampunk influences. So with a lot of wood and brass/ copper .At the top you see two 230 volts DC driven lightbulbs . [very dangerous]. Through the burning lightbulbs i send a audio signal . [this trick was contructed with transformers] The 2 brass tubes at the top sides are fatt condensers /elco.  And the 2 brass plumbing tubes hold a couple of ldr for the optical compressor.The switches and potentiometers are input/balance, compressor, thru bypass,sence/impedancy,gain/output. I discribe no schematics here on this project, because the whole thing is lethal.

See and hear the Doomsday Machine in action below!

[via Hilltree Productions]


Steampunk USB Flash Drives

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Take a look at these gorgeous steampunk USB flash drives which were posted recently on

Beautiful work! I wonder if these are available for sale? The website does not post any pricing or purchasing information.

They do look great though… I want one!







Steampunk War Propaganda

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Support the Imperial American Air Corp.! Buy war bonds!

Here’s a fun propaganda-style video set in the make believe Imperial America. This was put together by knyazprime an his team.

I’m sold… where do I sign up?


Animated Steampunk Praying Mantis

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Youtube user NoLoaderWork created this short 3D animation of a steampunk praying mantis.

Heh, I like the tiny gas mask it’s wearing. I wonder if this was for a school project, or just for fun? Either way, it’s very interesting and creative. Well done!


Steampunk Webcomic Set in Africa

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You should definitely check out Virtuoso, an awesome steampunk webcomic set in Africa. The story is created and written by Jon Munger, and drawn by artist Krista Brennan.

Virtuoso was first released in March, 2010, and to date there are over 20 issues. This is a very original idea and a great story!

Virtuoso is an alternate history of an Africa that never existed, one run by steel and springs, commanded by vast matriarchies and past the height of its culture.

Virtuoso is the story of Jnembi Osse, a professional weapons manufacturer for the most powerful empire in the world, and how her private rebellion becomes a full scale international incident.

[via Virtuoso]


Get Ready for the Atlanta STEAMpunk Festival

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Photo by Blissful Creations

Atlanta is gearing up for the STEAMpunk Festival, which runs on June 19-20 at The Academy Theatre, Avondale Estates.

Note: There’s still time to order tickets online by CLICKING HERE.

The Atlanta STEAMpunk Festival centers around a genre of literature and speculation called ‘Steampunk’ which sees the world through a Victorian aesthetic and has a deep appreciation of the evolution of technology imagined by such authors as H.G. Wells. Highlights of our festival include: A Formal Staged Reading of “The True History of Henry Rayne & the Airship Pirates’ by Lainey E. Welsch; Artist Market; Live Music; Themed Costume Contest and Fashion Show; A high tea, & opening and closing ceremonies!

The tickets are $20 per day or $35 for a 2-day pass and with advanced pass purchase you receive a STEAMFest T-shirt. For more information please call 404-474-8332 or visit

Where: Academy Theatre
119 Center Street
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

You can view the full Schedule of Events on the STEAM Fest blog.


Steampunk Xbox 360 Controllers on Ebay

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If you want a sweet looking steampunk Xbox 360 controller, now’s your chance! MorbidStix is currently selling a few on Ebay. It looks like the “Buy it Now” option is the only way to purchase one, and they’re asking $120.00. Quite pricey, but the controller actually works and it does indeed look very cool.

Every controller produced is 100% original and the patterns can not be duplicated or even IMITATED!!! Featuring high resistant clear coats, Original Xbox controller design, custom LED sets and endless possibilities we know after you see one for your own eyes, Your friends will be jealous!!

Custom Antique Wood Finish
Skeleton Key Guild Button (YES IT HAS TO BE TURNED!)
Custom Sticks
Custom LED color (Your choice of: Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, White or Green.)
Real Leather (Soft to the touch and VERY comfortable!)
Copper Rivet Design
Custom ABXY buttons for an authentic look and feel!
Triggers and bumpers are wood finish as well!!!



[via Ebay]


Steampunk Pullip Dolls

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Well you learn something new every day….

Apparently there’s a brand of big-eyed fashion dolls in Japan called Pullip that are just HUGE. Now these dolls are getting really big in America as well.

Pullip has debuted a line of steampunk dolls for this year. The clothing and attention to details are quite impressive.

Click Here for more detailed photos and fun background stories of the dolls.

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