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1886: Steampunk Fashion Video

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Take a look at this gorgeous steampunk video by directors Adrian Lazarus and Nicky Felbert. Truly stunning! It was shot in a coffee shop in Capetown, South Africa. David, the coffee shop owner, already had a collection of steampunk costumes, and the team managed to produce this video for less than $1,000.

The piece is a fantasy video showcasing the fashion, the hats, the gadgets and the lifestyle that could have been the future of 19th Century steam culture, set in the future. The decadent nature of this steam era video, is portrayed with strong gun-slinging women, and rough grizzly men. The music from Moby suits the piece perfectly.

[via Nicky Felbert]


Steampunk Human Puppet

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Here’s a steampunk human puppet costume, made and modeled by RevainW. It’s beautiful and creepy at the same time. Very creative, great work!

Photographer/edit: Innocentia
Model/outfit: RevainW

[via RevainW]


Steampunk-Inspired Wonder Woman Costume

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Check out this great steampunk-inspired Wonder Woman costume, made and modeled by Redditor walnutwhale. She looks beautiful, what a fantastic job on the costume.

Looks a lot like Wonder Woman’s Elseworlds costume from the steampunkish Amazonia comic below.

Great work!

[via Reddit]


Darling Steampunk Goth Sisters on Halloween

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Here’s a cute video of three sisters getting ready for Halloween. They’re all dressed as Steampunk Victorian Goths, and the costumes are impressive! Lots of detail went into their outfits.

Very cute and creative.

[via TheSunnSisters]