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Steampunk Gangnam Style

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Steampunk Gangnum Style! Ha, I know the world has seen enough Gangnam Style parodies to last a lifetime, but I wanted to post this funny little clip of steampunks doing the famous horse dance.

The YouTube description is in Italian, and I had a little trouble with the translation. But from what I gather, this video is promoting a Romantic Remembrance Gala to be held in spring of 2013.

Everyone looks fantastic, such wonderful outfits. I’m glad they can have a little fun while gearing up for their big event. Well done!

Backstage powered by Vilya the day Photo / Promotional videos of the first Romantic Remembrance Gala, to be held in spring 2013.

With these few seconds of hilarity, we thank all the people who have applied, deals and cooperated with us today. We treated ourselves to a moment of craziness! Enjoy.

[via Dame Vittoriane]


Lady Has Bustle Song Parody

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I love a good chap hop parody song. Hats off to GimmeTheDRT, for their remarkable music video, “Lady Has Bustle.” It’s a riff on the song “Baby got Back,” and it’s very well done!

I do believe Katherine Stewart is the brains and bustle behind this production. She wrote the lyrics and performs the song. I hope she makes more steampunk music, she seems very talented.

Men favor large bustles and I cannot fib
You gentlemen may find me glib
But when a lady slips by with her cage in the sky
Then you don’t need to ask why

Thanks to Doctor Exx for the tip!

[via GimmeTheDRT]


Just Cos: Steampunk Episode

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Here’s a fun look at steampunk, from an episode of Just Cos on the Nerdist’s Youtube channel.

Chloe Dykstra takes us onto the floor of SDCC, and interviews the steamy attendees, including steampunk masters The League of Steam. Very informative! I love hearing how the League took their steampunk hobby, and managed to turn it into a successful business.


Steampunk Superman Costume

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“Behold the sky, Old Chap. It does appear to be a bird, or airship!”

Here’s an awesome steampunk Superman costume. Very distinguished! His pants are similar to Superman’s red tights, and we can overlook the fact that he’s not wearing Victorian breeches on the outside.

This photo was taken by Cryptonaut and posted on Flickr. Well done!