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Cosplayer Tejnin made a really cool steampunk Harley Quinn costume, and she’s posing with an amazing steampunk Iron Man at the recent Up in the Aether steampunk convention in Detroit.

Wow, Iron Man has such a nice helmet. These two make quite a pair. Well done!

[via Tejnin]


Steampunk in the Orient

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Oh, this is nice. The good people of Ohako Photography snapped these incredible photos at the 2012 London MCM Expo.

What a beautiful steampunk costume, inspired by fashion from the Far East. If anyone knows who this cosplayer is, feel free to chime in below!

[via Ohako Photography]


Steampunk LEGOs on the Way!

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Well, this is certainly interesting… In the latest issue of LEGO Club Magazine, they announced a new Master Builder line with a steampunk theme! It’s time to break open your piggy bank, because these are coming out in July.

Read all about it on thebrickblogger!

TRAVEL TO THE PAST… AND DESING THE FUTURE! – Launch your Invention Designer adventure! LEGO Master Builders merge the futuristic idea of time-travel with the clockwork gears and puffing steam-engines of the Victorian 1800′s – Steampunk! Steampunk is a science-fiction art-form that imagines the future as people might have in the past. Let it inspire all kinds of new ideas, and pick up some tips from professional LEGO designers on how to make your creations look futuristic, industrial or just plain cool!

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Gorgeous Steampunk Iron Maiden

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Since Iron Man 3 comes out today, it’s only appropriate to show this absolutely gorgeous steampunk Iron Man/Maiden costume. So amazing! This is what perfection looks like.

Michelle from The Suitcase Studio is the proud wearer of this costume. But it was a family team effort, as her husband designed it, and her mother-in-law sewed it. They make quite a team. Great job!

[via Suitcase Studio]