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Help Support The League of S.T.E.A.M. Season 3

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The League of S.T.E.A.M. needs your help, it’s time for Season 3! If you’ve enjoyed their previous steampunk episodes like I have, please head on over to Kickstarter and donate a few bucks for a good cause.

The money will go towards camera equipment, costumes, and they’ll travel to new, exciting locations. Sounds great, I can’t wait!

This season will introduce new characters, special guest stars, amazing locations, cool monsters and fantastical steampunk gadgets. We plan on expanding our resources and increasing our production quality to bring you an exciting new experience.

[via Kickstarter]


Steampunk Hippopotamus Safe

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Take a look at this gorgeous, handmade steampunk hippopotamus safe. What a thing of beauty! It was made by the crafty artists Albegoyec on DeviantArt. They’re a Russian couple, who specialize in custom paintings and handmade art pieces like this one.

They do take commissions, so if you’re interested you can visit their DeviantArt profile and drop them a line.

[Albegoyec via Neatorama]


PBS ‘Off Book’ Explores Steampunk

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Here’s a short but sweet video about steampunk from the PBS produced Off Book series. It actually debuted in 2011, but I missed this the first time around.

PBS provides a very nice intro to steampunk and the various art the genre inspires– from costumes and fashion, to music and drawing. Definitely worth a look if you have a few minutes!

[via PBS]