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Happy New Gear!

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It’s almost 2014!

The good people of Bit2Good made this holiday video to wish everyone a happy New Year. They’re a game company currently working on a steampunk game called Glasses. So yeah, this video is a bit of a marketing promotion, but it’s a well intended and fun way to bring in the new year.

Glasses is a steampunky, runner-inspired platformer in which you as the precious prentice Quentin Quaint will have to use your Steamengine Enhanced Wheelchair Device (S.E.W.D.) to reassemble the trans-dimensional glasses collection of your marvelous master and save not only your own, but also all other dimensions from an exorbitantly evil emperor.

Happy New Gear!

[via Bit2Good UG]


Steampunk Christmas Story

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Looking for a fun steampunk Christmas story? Consider The Counterfeit Miracle by Ray Friesen. It’s a 24-page ebook, filled with Christmas cheer, robots, and of course… steampunk!

You can order the ebook from cforiginals for only $2.95. Looks like a lot of fun.

[via cforiginals]


Victorian Star Trek Costumes

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Check out these gorgeous Victorian Star Trek dresses. With a corset-style top and long skirt, this looks like true Federation formal wear.

These dresses are designed by cosplayer Genovefa. Follow the link to view more photos of this dress. Great job!

[truhe-der-genovefa via io9]


Baby Steampunk!

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Just look at this dapper little gentleman. This photo was posted as steampunk over on Reddit. Is it more fair to call this “steampunk-inspired” ? Perhaps, but not every outfit needs gears. It looks like his mother is wearing her own steampunk outfit. I’m sure Steam Jr. was well received at whatever party or con they attended. Very nice!

[via Reddit]