Check out this amazing steampunk Batman costume. How about those wings! What a great costume.

Nerd Caliber was on the scene at the recent Anime Boston 2014 when they came upon this guy. So cool. Make sure to watch until the end, when Batman activates his wings.

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Painting a Steampunk Batman

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The talented Mary Doodles can paint anything, very quickly. Watch as she as paints Steampunk Batman! You can watch the entire process as she starts with just a blank sheet of paper. So cool!

The painting was put on sale and eventually sold on Ebay for $305. Not bad at all! If you’re interested in seeing her other work, you can buy prints and t-shirt at her Rodeo Arcade store.


Steampunk-Inspired Joker and Batman Dog

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I’ve posted a few steampunk Jokers in the past, and here’s another very nice one. She’s got the goggles, corset and bustle skirt in a nice rendition of steampunky Victoria fashion. Plus, she gets extra points for her Batman dog. So cute.

Very well done!

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Steampunk Batman Game that Sadly Failed

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I’m so sad this Steampunk Batman game will never see the light of day. But at least we get a sneak peek of what could have been!

Based on the comic Gotham by Gaslight, Batman goes after Jack the Ripper in the late 1800’s. Don’t you just love his cape? This would have been so cool!

Day 1 Studios, the developer behind of F.3.A.R. and Fracture, was also working on a video game starring Batman. Their vision was to use the one-shot comic Gotham by Gaslight as the source material. Set at the end of the 19th century, Gotham by Gaslight follows the Dark Knight as he tracks down Jack the Ripper. Concept art for the game revealed Gotham by Gaslight’s steampunk vibe.

Now, we have a better look at what Gotham by Gaslight would have been like thanks to an animation prototype video from a source at Day 1 Studios.

[Siliconera via i09]


Steampunk Batman from Baltimore

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I’ve posted several versions of Steampunk Batman in the past, and here is yet another splendid take on the concept.

Don’t you love the mustache? This steamy caped crusader was spotted at the recent Baltimore Comic-Con. Great outfit… my only criticism would be a bigger, steamier utility belt, perhaps. Just a minor nitpick, it’s hard to tell as his hands are in the way.

Excellent job, Sir!

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Drawing a Steampunk Batman and Robin

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Here’s a fascinating video of artist bouletto1975 drawing a steampunk Batman and Robin, complete with a steampunk Batmobile!

It’s so interesting to the see rough sketch take shape, then become full color. This is so great… Awesome painting!

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Awesome Steampunk Batman

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Here’s a very cool Steampunk Batman costume, made a very clever costumer named Jordan Monsell.

This costume is inspired by the DC one-shot Gotham by Gaslight, in which Batman goes head to head with Jack the Ripper.

Well done, sir!

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Steampunk Batman Drawing Contest

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Over on Whitechapel, comic legend Warren Ellis held a contest to see who could draw the best Steampunk Batman movie poster. What a cool idea?

A lot of talented artists submitted wonderful drawings. I’ve posted a few below. Not only did they do a great job redesigning Batman’s costume, but the language and styling is just perfect.

Immerse yourself in the era of Steampunk, and the coal-fired industrial nightmare of Gotham, where is set the popular silent films concerning The Batman. Or even The Bat-Man, if you prefer.

There have been several such moving pictures to date, with titles like


and the like. Your task is to design a poster, suitable for placement outside a cinematheque or other theatre, regarding one of these films.

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Steampunk Batman, Green Arrow and Joker

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How fun, it’s Steampunk Batman, Green Arrow and the Joker!

This photo was taken during the 2008 DragonCon. Excellent idea and great costumes! I’d like to get a closer look at Green Arrow’s steampunk crossbow, that looks awesome.

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Amazing Steampunk DC Superheroes

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I’ve seen several steampunk superheroes in my day, and it’s always a pleasure. But this huge group of DC Steampunk Superheroes just blows my mind. They have 15 amazing character costumes, with 8 more on the way. Each costume is just pefect… what an extraordinary group.

These particular photos were taken by Mike Rollerson at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, and posted on CosGeek. Head on over to CosGeek to view a very professional gallery.

THEN, do visit DC Steampunk Cosplay on Facebook to view all the superhero characters. Well done, Everyone!

From the About section on their Facebook Page:

It all started with a text…then a conversation over drinks and maybe a little Rocky Horror Picture show..and then it sprouted through time, friends and inspiration, a little water and sunlight, now it has bloomed into a family!

[DC Steampunk Cosplay via CosGeek]